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Josh's G8 gains 45 rwhp with nothing more than a custom dyno tune!

The new Pontiac G8 is the ultimate 4 door muscle car, but leaves a lot to be desired in the tuning department. A few keystrokes later and  Josh's G8 picked up big gains with our custom tune! This G8 put down 340 rwhp! The dyno graph can be seen here...

**Update 12-7-08** The G8 gets another new best at the track!  8.45 @ 85.8 MPH on a 1.89 60'
In addition to performance parts sales and installations, offers complete custom tunes with an emphasis on all driving conditions. We specialize in offering much more than just a "WOT only" dyno tune. Available for most late model GM cars and trucks.

Email Jeff at for questions or to set up an appointment.


Choose any one of the following services for just $99.99!

As seen in GM High Tech Performance magazine "street heat" section, August 2009

Want 500 rwhp out of your naturally aspirated, stock bottom end LS2? Let us show you how! Our own 2005 GTO put down 503 rwhp with a set of Advanced Induction ported 243 cylinder heads, Flowtech Induction cam, and a custom tune! Furthermore, this was through the stock 4L65E automatic transmission and a set of 3.91 rear gears in the stock IRS! This is a daily driven car with excellent street manners. Best ET to date is 7.14 @ 99 MPH in the eighth mile. Dyno sheet and detailed modification info can be found here...

Click here to see the GTO in GMHTP's street heat section.

Click here to see some videos of the GTO at the drag strip.

Rich's 2008 Z06 comes in for a tune and leaves the shop with 504 rwhp!

How about a stock 2008 Chevy Corvette Z06 with only a set of LG Super Pro long tube headers, Vararam CAI, and a custom tune? Rich's internally stock Z06 made an astonishing 504 rwhp and 493 rwtq! What's even more impressive is that the torque curve stays over 400 ft-lbs from under 3000 rpm's all the way to 6500 rpm's. Check out the dyno sheet here...

How about a 434 rwhp 4 door sedan?

The mod bug strikes and Dave's stryker blue G8 GT gets a non-DoD cam, Yank SS3200 converter, Kook's LT headers, Vararam OTR CAI, and a Magnaflow catback exhaust. And with a custom tune, it put down 434 rwhp and 400 rwtq on the dyno! Check out the graph, as well as pics and videos here...
Bill brings his Z06 up from Atlanta for a custom tune

Bill's 2006 Z06 was plagued with some driveability issues, so he called on us to remedy the situation. We spent the necessary time to correct all the part throttle tuning, then hit the dyno for some WOT adjustments. In addition to driving much better, it also put down 516 rwhp and 477 ft-lbs of torque. Mods include a very mild cam and long tube headers. The dyno graph can be seen here...
Bryan's C5 proves itself a force to be reckoned with on the street and the track!

Bryan's '99 C5 made 426/408 on motor and 560/672 on a 150 shot after our custom tune! Mods include a G5X4 cam, LT headers, and a set of stock LS6 heads. Best ET on motor so far has been a 7.34 @ 98.2 MPH on a 1.73 60'. Nitrous passes coming soon! Check out the dyno graph here...
Gary's 99 C5 FRC "Nemesis" gets a full street and dyno tune!

If you've been to Greenville's Quaker Steak and Lube on a Sunday night, chances are you've seen this car! Gary's 99 C5 FRC "Nemesis" gets a full street and dyno tune! This beast put down 615 rwhp and 637 ft-lbs of torque! Mods include heads, cam, nitrous, and the usual supporting bolt ons. We'll find out soon whether or not he has the most important mod--the "driver mod".
Russ's 2004 GTO makes some impressive numbers despite some issues...

Russ's 2004 GTO already had a history of hurting people's feelings by breaking the 400 rwhp mark with the stock LS1 cam and just a set of Advanced Induction ported stock heads (and supporting bolt ons)! Well now he decided to take it a step further and see what could be done with an LS6 cam--yes, the same cam that came stock in 2004-2005 CTS-V's and 2002-2004 Z06's. The result is stock driveability and street manners, while putting down numbers indicative of a more radical setup! Despite uncovering some lifter issues on the 92k mile LS1, it still managed to put down 430 rwhp and 405 rwtq after our custom tune! Check back for some updated numbers with a fresh set of lifters, but that begs the question--will he keep the same heads or upgrade to a set of Trick Flow pieces ported by AI? Stay tuned...

Not your ordinary '03 Silverado! Sean makes the trip from Charleston for a custom tune!

Sean gave us a call and needed some help with driveability issues with his '03 Chevy Silverado RCSB. This truck has a very nice setup, starting with an LQ9 6.0L engine. Other mods include a TSP 224R cam, headers, Yank 3200 torque converter, and a set of 4.10 gears. For appearance, the truck is rolling on a set of 20" SS wheels. Once we got the part throttle driveability issues worked out, we strapped it down on the dyno to see what it made. Check out the dyno graph here...

"Texas Toxin": Big numbers and light weight make for a great combination!

Tired of your big dollar power adder car not making any power? Does your new turbo setup make less power than your old naturally aspirated motor? Tired of having to pay $6 a gallon for race fuel? Consider methanol injection. Today's methanol kits have really revolutionized the ability to run big boost with cool intake temps, all on pump gas. Case in point is Everett's beautiful Factory Five Cobra which has a turbocharged 5.0 engine. It came to us with some serious issues with low boost, high intake temps, and mediocre power levels. The baseline dyno produced only 380 rwhp. Just how much were we able to gain on this radical beast? Click here to read the rest of the story...

Another AI heads & cam car putting down some strong numbers!

When we found out Greg was going to bring his 99 Z28 up from Charleston for us to tune, we couldn't wait to get it on the rollers and see what it put down! His 99 Z28 has a set of AI ported 241 heads, AI custom cam, and the usual supporting bolt ons such as long tube headers, air lid, etc. The results were strong, as expected with this setup. Check out the dyno video on the left. Hopefully Greg will keep us posted with drag strip results soon!

Brandon's 02 WS6 makes big gains with just a couple mods!

Talk about bang for the buck, Brandon's 02 Trans Am WS6 A4 gained 57 rwhp with just a set of LPP long tube headers and a custom tune! But this is just the beginning, Brandon has some more mods slated for this car in the coming months. Be sure to check back and follow his progress here. The dyno graph can be seen here...
What do you get when you take a G8 GT with a couple bolt on mods and add a custom dyno tune?

Spencer brought his beautiful 09 G8 GT to us for a custom dyno tune and picked up 25 rwhp! Mods include a cold air intake and a set of long tube headers. Final numbers were 365 rwhp and 383 rwtq, pretty impressive for a 4 door! Check out the dyno graph here...

Never enough! Josh's 2002 Z06 gets a total makeover and knocks on 700's door!

When Josh's 2002 420+ rwhp cammed Z06 was no longer enough, he called on JR Racing to take care of his latest build. Modifications include a set of Patriot heads, FAST 90mm intake manifold, A&A blower cam, A&A Vortech T-trim kit with a 3.8 supercharger pulley, and methanol injection. As it turns out, this setup performed even better than we could have expected. And with a custom tune, it has excellent street manners while putting down some astounding numbers on the dyno! Check out the video clip on the left to see this beast making a dyno pull...

Just how much is a tune worth for your forced induction car?

Bryan's C5 had already put down some good numbers on the dyno last year with a cam & nitrous setup. But with all the competition stepping up their game lately, it was time to go the blower route. After adding a Procharger P-1SC, he brought it to the JR Racing dyno for a custom tune. The baseline dyno pull looked promising at 600 rwhp, but we knew there was much more power to be had. Once again, went to work. The results? The video speaks for itself, but lets just say we have a new member in the "700 RWHP club"! In addition to the newfound power by optimizing the tune for his setup, the car also drives better than it did with the old cammed setup!

The 2010 Corvette Grand Sport has arrived! And we show you how to make it even better...

Steve just got this beautiful new Grand Sport Corvette and wasted no time before the mod bug struck! So he called upon Mike Yeager at Eastcoast Performance-Corvettes to put together a supercharger package for him. The A&A Vortech kit puts out 8 psi of boost on the otherwise stock LS3 engine. JR Racing stepped up to the plate for the install, and the crew at finished it off with a custom tune. The result was stock-like driveability while pumping out 566 horsepower at the rear wheels, through a 6 speed automatic! We think Steve got the best of both worlds with this setup! Click here to see the dyno graph...

G8 on steroids! Spencer's car goes under the knife...

When you've got a car such as the Pontiac G8 GT, it's hard to leave it alone for very long. Spencer's G8 had already visited JR Racing for a set of long tube headers, but it didn't take long for the mod bug to strike again. This time he chose to have a custom cam, FAST 102mm intake manifold, and a Precision converter installed. All of this equates to one potent Pontiac! The car is also outfitted with a new set of custom designed Asanti wheels with a FAT lip out back. Be sure to check back soon for some videos of this beast. In the mean time, click here to see the dyno graph...

Not your ordinary Trans Am, welcomes our newest member of the 700 HP Club!

David's navy blue metallic 2000 Trans Am Mecham clone had been begging for a spot in the "700 Club" for a while now. After taking care of some minor details, we're proud to say that this beast made over 700 rwhp on the dyno! Under the hood is a forged LS6 with untouched 317 heads, custom blower cam from TSP, stock throttle body/LS6 intake, and a Procharger D1SC blower. Special thanks for the build goes to Chris G and BJ (Upstate Motorsports), as well as Matt at JR Racing for advice and dyno time. We look forward to seeing some track times from the Mecham soon--that is, as long as the 10 bolt holds up! We've got a pretty good guess as to what David's next mod will be.

Check out the dyno graph here...
Heatco's GTM and make an appearance at Michelin's "Corvette Driving Experience" at their Laurens Proving Ground test track!

Some of the crew made representation at Michelin's "Corvette Day" at their test track in Laurens, SC this past Saturday. While progress is still underway on the Heatco GTM,  we are proud to say it came out of the garage and made the 50 mile trek to the event! A special thanks goes out to Steve Hankinson and Alan Forsyth from Heatco for making the special trip from Cartersville, GA to be a part of this event. Also in attendance were a couple members of our "700 rwhp club"--thanks Bryan and Gary!

Festivities of the day included the chance to auto-cross C6 Corvettes fitted with OE "GY" tires, then switch to an identical C6 fitted with Michelin tires for comparison. Michelin also had crew and equipment on site to be able to swap out tires for anyone wanting to purchase a set of their tires. Attendees were also able to make several laps around the test track in their own Corvette. This was a fun-filled day and we hope they will offer the chance to do it again in the future!

Click here to see pictures from the event... broadens its territory and offers on-site tuning at the 4th annual GM Car Show at Sir Walter Chevrolet in Raleigh!

Thanks goes out to Frank at RTP Corvettes for inviting us to join them at the 4th annual GM Car Show in Raleigh on August 7, 2010. made the 4 hour trip to spend the day offering incredible tuning specials on-site for late model GM cars attending the show. The turnout was great, and the keyboards were going non-stop even after the event was over. Our services ranged from quick PCM "tune-ups" to full street tunes for extensively modded cars with driveability concerns, etc.

If you're interested in having us put together some discount tuning packages for your next event, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Click here to see pictures from the event...
Yes, we dyno the old school cars too!

We've gotten questions before on whether or not we dyno the "old school" carbureted cars, and the answer is yes we do. Feel free to contact us if you would like to set up an appointment. Pictured to the left is Charles' '69 Camaro big block on the rollers.

More pictures of this car can be seen here...

Mod bug doesn't take long to strike 2010 Camaro owners!

While the new 2010 Camaro is very healthy in stock form at 426 horsepower (or 400 horsepower for the automatic), it is often never enough. has already tuned several 2010 Camaro's, some with extensive mods such as custom cam and ported heads. It is also interesting to note that there are significant gains to be had with tuning even with the car being otherwise stock, as is the case with other recent cars such as the G8 and GTO.

If you are one of those lucky new 2010 Camaro owners, contact us and get an edge up on the competition!
Your 5th/6th Gen Camaro Experts!

From heads & cam packages to supercharger kits, we've got experience with them all! Contact us to get an edge up on the competition!

Supercharged 2010 Camaro makes the 600 RWHP Club!

While the normal path for modding factory hot rods such as this 2010 Camaro would start with simple bolts ons like intake or exhaust, occasionally we have a customer that will just jump right in and go for the "big stuff". This was the case here with a stock 2010 Camaro SS. It is now sporting a 2.9L Whipple twin screw supercharger kit. The amazing thing is that power output jumped to an astonishing 608 rwhp!! And when we say it's stock other than the Whipple, we mean all the way down to the factory exhaust manifolds and cats, etc. The main advantage with the twin screw style superchargers is the instant torque available right off idle! All this while maintaining stock driving manners!
Check out the dyno graph here...

2010 Camaro SS puts down strong numbers with only a set of headers and an 87 octane tune!

We knew these new Camaro's were strong, but how about knockin' on 400's door with just a set of headers and 87 octane? Yep, Jim's 2010 SS 6 speed manual put down 397 rwhp and 389 rwtq with his only mods being a set of long tube headers and our tune! Furthermore, it did this with 87 octane in the tank. Keep your eye on this one folks as there may be some more mods planned in the very near future!

She's on the corn! Our 2008 Z06 goes on E85 and picks up some power! (part 2)

Now that we have a new clutch in our 2008 Z06, it's time to get back to the mods. Follow along as we set out to see just how much power and how quick we can go with an internally stock LS7 Z06. Our first mod, aside from E85 fuel and a tune, was a Halltech Super Bee 102mm cold air intake. Currently we are at 494 rwhp and 472 rwtq--these are numbers that most cars do not achieve without some more significant bolts ons such as long tube headers, etc. Check out the dyno graph here which shows our gains at each step along the way.

Be sure to check back soon to see what the next mod will be...

Some considerations for running E85 can be found here, as well as our dyno testing results...
Come out and join us! sponsors Heritage Chapel Baptist Church 4th Annual Car Show in Greer, Saturday November 20th from 1pm to 5pm!

This year, will be sponsoring the Heritage Chapel Baptist Church annual car show. All makes and models are welcome, and entry is FREE! There will be multiple classes including Corvette, Camaro, Mustang, Rods, Antiques, Trucks, GM, Ford, Chrysler, and Imports. Each class will have trophies and there will be other prizes as well. There will also be hamburgers and hot dogs for sale, with all proceeds going to the June 2011 Nicaragua mission trip.

Come on out and invite your friends!

Heritage Chapel Baptist Church
118 Alexander Road, Greer, SC (off Brushy Creek Rd)
November 20th, 1pm to 5pm (awards at 4pm)

Update: Check out all of the pictures from the car show here.
Blower? What Blower? Check out Ryan's magnacharged GMC Sierra truck!

Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too... Ryan's GMC Sierra is a nice crew cab decked out with all the bells and whistles, room for 4, and rolling on 22's... But get beside of him at a stoplight and you may be surprised--but the secret won't be kept for long! Once into the throttle, the whine of the magnacharger comes to life. Check out the video on the left, in this case you may actually have to turn the volume down!
Hello 6's! Our nearly stock 2008 Z06 visits the local eighth mile drag strip!

After a few unsuccessful trips to the drag strip in our 2008 Z06, we decided it was time to hold the funeral services for the stock LS7 clutch. It simply was not up to the job of launching with the Hoosier 335/30/18 drag radials we were using on the car. After installing the new level 3 clutch, the 500 break-in miles seemed like an eternity (thanks goes out to Mike Yeager at Eastcoast Performance-Corvettes for the clutch and Bryan Crocker for the install). But once we reached 500 miles, it was time to go racing. It took a few trips to get the launch down with the new clutch, but it is proving it's worth now (best 60' to date is a 1.57)! And on our last visit to Shadyside Dragway, the Z06 became the newest member of the 6 second club! Not bad for a stock Z06 with just an E85 tune and a cold air intake!

With the first goal accomplished, now we can begin with the real mods! Follow along as we start the "bolt ons"... A FAST 102mm intake and Nick Williams 102mm throttle body is next on the list.
As seen on TV! challenges Scene on 7's Jamarcus Gaston at Greer Dragway!'s Jeff Goodell does it again! Some of you old timers may recall back in 1999 (yes, 1999), Jeff challenged News4's Geoff Hart at Greer Dragway for one of his "Hartstopper" challenges. A long time has passed since then so it was time to bring some drag racing action back to the local news spotlight. This time, Jeff challenged Jamarcus Gaston (Scene on 7) for one of his "Dare JG" series! Despite nearly 100 degree temperatures, it was a great time and Jamarcus just might be hooked now! Be sure to check out the video on the left!

Heritage Chapel Baptist Church 5th annual car show hits a record number of attendees!

A big thanks goes out to all of our sponsors who helped support the 2011 car show at Heritage Chapel Baptist Church on November 5th! Final count of show cars was nearly 80! Furthermore, over $1,500 was raised to help support the annual mission trip to Nicaragua as well as support for needy families through Greer Relief. Over 30 trophies were handed out covering 10 different classes. The event was a huge success and we look forward to planning next year's show (we are already working on ideas for additional parking). Be sure to check out the pictures from the event in 2 different albums below.

Click here for pictures courtesy of Roadcone Photo (if anyone needs any professional photography done, Kyle at Roadcone Photo is the man for the job!)

Click here for additional pictures.

Many thanks to:
Hawks Third Generation Parts & Restoration
Atomic Asian
LB Watson Grading
JR Towing welcomes Dave and his 2010 Camaro SS, our newest member of the 700 RWHP Club!

If this Camaro looks familiar to you, you've probably seen it here before. This 2010 Camaro SS graced our website a while back when it surpassed the 600 rwhp barrier on a stock bottom end with a 2.9L Whipple supercharger. As you would expect, the stock shortblock was being pushed to the limit and the Whipple blower was not making it any easier with it's full boost just off idle. Dave decided to go with a built 416ci shortblock to handle all the power and to see if he could make some more power in the process. Once it was all dialed in, the final numbers came in at 765 rwhp and 761 rwtq! We think Dave will be enjoying this newfound power for quite a while! Special thanks goes out to "Duster Chad" for all his help in putting the car together!

Click here to see pictures of the car...

Click here for the dyno graph...
Hawk's "Stormtrooper" LS7 magnacharged

Click here for Roadcone Photo slideshow
David makes the 700 RWHP club... again!

David has already been a long time member of the 700 rwhp club, but this time it's in his latest car, a C5 Z06. This beautiful silver 2001 Z06 is running a Procharger D1SC at just 10 psi of boost. Further complementing the setup is a methanol injection kit and a set of Trickflow cylinder heads sitting atop the stock shortblock. Driveability is great, driving like stock... that is, until you mash the go pedal! How does 750 rwhp sound? Be sure to check out the dyno video to the left! Thanks goes out to Josh at JR Racing for the dyno time.
Greer Dragway and team up to offer a Street Tire Shootout for 2012! Come on out and see if you have what it takes to win the $$cash$$ in your "daily driver"! Entry in the shootout is FREE with your regular admission to Greer Dragway!

Greer Dragway and have teamed up to bring you the STREET TIRE SHOOTOUT on the last Thursday of each month. This is a heads up race for late model daily driven cars and is not only fun for the participants but also a great event for the spectators. The race will be run at the end of the night with all the cars being called down at one time. We will run on a full tree sportsman ladder with qualifying positions to be determined by random drawing. Lane choice will be given to the car with the best qualifying position. Qualifying position will be displayed on the car after the random drawing takes place. Cars will be run very quickly due to time constraints so you must return to staging immediately. This is a work in progress and we will continue to tweak the rules to keep the playing field fair and promote good racing by keeping ETs close! Our goal is to have events that are fun and tailored to today's high performance cars. Please check the website often for updates and if you have any questions please ask in advance.

Corey's 99 Camaro SS approaches 400 rwhp with just minor mods and a custom tune!

This is just one example of the two Camaro's that Corey owns. It's a 99 SS with a relatively conservative list of modifications, yet it put down some very strong numbers on his recent dyno tune with us. The complete mod list is as follows:

LS6 intake and injectors
Ported stock throttle body
Whisper air lid with 85mm MAF
218/218 .563/.563 112LSA cam
Bbk shorty headers, Bassani off road Y pipe exiting through an SLP "2 on the left" catback with electric cutout
Pro 5.0 shifter
UMI subframe connectors, Founders Perf. Panhard and LCA's
4.10 gears

How does 380 rwhp sound? Considering the shorty headers that are on the car (which are severely necked down), we think those are stout numbers! Stay tuned as Corey is in the process of swapping over to a set of long tube headers! We will be sure to post the updated numbers... tunes the mighty ZL1! And it's a beast...

Kenny is the lucky owner of one of GM's new flagship Camaro's and we have been dying to get our hands on one! This black beauty has the supercharged 6.2L "LSA" engine and it's the most powerful one ever put in a Camaro to date. The powerplant is borrowed from the Cadillac CTS-V with the only change being a revised intake that provides a slight bump in power. The supercharger is a four lobe 1.9L Eaton unit that provides exceptional low end torque to help get this Chevy moving in a hurry!

After strapping it to the rollers and making a few adjustments to the computer, we were rewarded with 530 rwhp! But the impressive part is that it makes over 500 ft-lbs of torque for most of the rpm band! We think Kenny will be grinning from ear to ear every time he gets behind the wheel! Check out the dyno graph here:

Bobby Admire takes the "cam only" record in his 2005 GTO!

Another customer has managed to snag a record, and it's not his first either. In 2013, Bobby Admire held the "bolt on" GTO record in his Cyclone Gray 2005 GTO (automatic) with an 11.40 @ 118 MPH pass. A short time later he reset the record with an even better 11.31 @ 119 MPH timeslip. For those that may be scratching their heads, you read that correctly. Bobby managed those ET's with simple bolt ons and a good tune--not that we at are biased or anything. Furthermore, this was done in a car that is usually considered to be on the portly side. Bobby's car is a great example of what can be done if you spend a little bit of time to maximize a particular setup. To many others, if a car does not run the desired number, the usual reaction is to put some more power to it. We think Bobby's approach is much more impressive. By the way, if anyone followed Holly LS Fest 2013, you may recognize Bobby's car--He was the winner of the LSX Rumble class!

Now fast forward to 2014. Not satisfied with stopping once the bolt on record was achieved, Bobby put a Tick SNS Stage 3 camshaft in the Goat and set his sights on the "Cam Only" record. After a trip to Carolina's House of Hook (aka Carolina Dragway), he was rewarded with an 11.11 @ 121 MPH! Yep, put him down for another record! A list of his mods for this pass are as follows:

Tick SNS Stage 3 camshaft with BTR double valvesprings and titanium retainers
Kook's 1 7/8" long tube headers
Bassani exhaust
Fast 102 intake manifold with Nick Williams 102mm throttle body
ASP underdrive pulley
DSS driveshaft
BC Racing coilovers
FTI 3800 torque converter
P3 lightweight battery
Mezier electric water pump custom tune
Hoosier drag radials

What is next you may ask? Be sure to check back soon for updates. Bobby has a few more changes that he recently completed in order to participate in Hot Rod Drag Week 2014 beginning September 7! We have a hunch we'll also be reporting another new cam only record this fall! For those that are curious, here's a preview of what he has been up to. Good luck Bobby!

Heritage Chapel Baptist Church Car Show Set For First Saturday in November!

Mark your calendars! The annual car show is set for the first Saturday in November at Heritage Chapel Baptist Church in Greer! This has been a great event the past few years with a wide variety of cars, both old and new. If you haven't had a chance to attend one in the past, then make your plans now to attend. Remember, entry is FREE! Hamburgers and hot dogs will be available with 100% of the proceeds going to help needy families at Christmas through Greer Relief. So come on out and support a great cause while admiring all kinds of cars!

Thank you to our generous sponsors in helping make this event possible:

JW Mechanical


Best of Show (overall)
Top 5
Top 25

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