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It was November 15, 2007, the last night of the season for TNT at Greer Dragway. I met Johnnyrocket (2005 GTO) leaving work and he agreed to follow me to my house to help me get the car ready for racing. I guess anxiety got the best of us because he lined up with me at a stoplight on Hwy 14. The light turned green, I heard him punch it, and I immediately put my foot to the floor! We both put our tires up in smoke... But I stayed in it long enough to start to hook and pull ahead of him. Once I was ahead I slammed on my brakes because I knew this was an unwise thing to do on Hwy 14 in 5:00 traffic! I backed down to about 50 mph and thought everything was okay for a few seconds... Then I looked up and saw blue lights coming! Many thoughts crossed my mind, but the biggest one was the fact that we could get arrested. I quickly pulled over into the median. Johnnyrocket was pulled over behind the cop. The cop went to Johnnyrocket's car first, which made it seem like an eternity sitting there in my car wondering what was going to happen. Finally the cop approached me, I apologized and told him we were going to the track so we wouldn't have to get into trouble on the streets like this! He said he liked that sort of thing too and then proceeded to ask me questions about the track. I thought that was a good sign since he did not have an "attitude" like some. He took my license and registration and went back to his car. Finally he came back and said that he was really "trying hard" for us. He handed me a ticket and said "I just wrote you up for speeding, 9 miles over the speed limit." He did remind me that technically we should have been arrested. I thanked him numerous times and told him he was more than generous! We got 0 points and just had to pay a $76 fine! It was my lucky day to say the least! We went on our way and finally to the track shortly after. On my first pass of the night, after I did my burnout and pulled up to the staging beams, the track official motioned for me to put my window down. He said "You weren't the one I saw on Hwy 14 pulled over a little while ago, were you?" Ha!!!! I just nodded my head and laughed. I proceeded to get my new all time best ET that night!
Uh-oh... Street racing is bad!
Johnnyrocket's footage of the memorable occasion
What's this in my rear view?

Trophystock's C5 Vette in the 6's!
Sorry, no news bulletin here! Trophystock has been running 6's in his C5 Corvette for quite some time now. If you've been to Greer Dragway, chances are you've seen this stock-appearing C5 before. His mod list is not very long nor is it anything out of the ordinary. Some of the highlights are a Yank SS4000 torque converter, a dry nitrous kit, and a very mild cam. Rumor has it that for 2008 it may get a decent size cam like some of the other local LSx guys are running! Did I mention that this car runs 6's on stock 18's with drag radials? Click here for pictures of the car in action at the local tracks...

Gettin' it done with an LT1!
Who says LT1's are inferior and old technology? Not Shon at Herron Performance. On March 26, 2006, an old record was broken and a new record set! Chalk another one up for upstate South Carolina! Shon's '97 Camaro Z28 set the LT1 "bolt on" record at Carolina Dragway, aka "House of Hook", when it ran 11.80 @ 113.9 MPH with Russ behind the wheel! More info is available on this car here.  Stay tuned because rumor has it that this car may be coming out of hibernation in 2008 with an LS1 under the hood!
Stock just isn't good enough, the Goat gets a cam!
While the Goat was running decent for just a couple bolt ons, unless you're Shon Herron, bolt ons can only take you so far! It was time to go quicker, and a cam was the logical choice. After extensive research and listening to numerous sound clips, a good "daily driver" cam was finally selected from Ed Curtis at Flowtech. The results were even better than expected...
Clip of the Flowtech Induction "Tiger Shark" cam at idle (875 rpm). Exhaust consists of Kook's 1 7/8" long tube headers, mid pipes with high-flow catalytic converters, and a Magnaflow catback exhaust. Interior is more quiet with this setup than it was in stock form with a Spintech exhaust!

Johnnyrocket, street racing partner in crime...
Johnnyrocket's 2005 GTO is a real head turner, matter of fact it got the attention of the SC state trooper as we were both flying by at wide open throttle on Hwy 14 (see above)! After this little street incident, we took it to the track where Johnnyrocket managed to get a new best 1/8 mile ET: 7.57 @ 94 MPH on a 1.71 60'. This run was made on drag radials which means my blue GTO may be in trouble if he switches over to a set of drag slicks. More info on this car here...

Check out the bolt on LT1 Camaro aka "Rattletrap" in action at the House of Hook (Carolina Dragway)!
Heritage Chapel Baptist Church holds its first car show
Heritage Chapel Baptist Church in Greer, SC, held its first annual car show in October 2007. Check out some of the highlights here...

What is "Chameleon T/A" ?
"Chameleon T/A" is a screen name and stands for my former '97 T/A that was a unique color called "Blue Green Chameleon". This car was originally a 6 speed, but I swapped it out in favor of a TH350. Otherwise it was just a stock LT1 with a couple bolt ons and a Herron Performance tune. The car is now owned by Alan's father (see Thunderchicken above). More on this car here...
New camaro at the SC International Auto Show!
The biggest attraction by far at the 2008 South Carolina International Auto Show seemed to be the new Chevrolet Camaro! It would have been nice to see the car in a color other than the silver that has already been floating around in internet pictures for quite some time now. Regardless, it looks like Chevy got this one right. More pictures of the new camaro can be found here, along with some other highlights from the show...

From the archives: GreenbeanZ28 wins GMHTP Shootout
Had to dig this one out of the archives for those that have not seen it. After powershifting his Ford Tempo until it was begging for mercy, Russ got his first Camaro Z28. Shortly after he set out to chalk one up for South Carolina by winning the GM High Tech Performance magazine bolt-on LT1 shootout in Englishtown, NJ. Check out the article here...
Russ sets the LS1 GTO M6 bolt-on record at the Rock!
Is anyone noticing a trend here? Once again, upstate South Carolina has claimed yet another record! Ironically, it's the same driver that took Shon Herron's LT1 Camaro Z28 to the bolt-on record. Furthermore, he was also the winner of the GM High Tech Performance magazine's LT1 bolt-on shootout at Englishtown, NJ. Russ aka "GreenbeanZ28" has done it again, this time in a 3800 lb LS1 GTO! On February 9, 2008 at Rockingham Dragway, Russ set the new bolt-on LS1 GTO M6 record by running a 12.19 @ 110 MPH on a 1.77 60'. Check out the video and more details of the car here...

FASTGM crew at Greer Dragway 2-16-08!
Many of the FastGM crew went out to Greer Dragway's 1st day of the 2008 season Saturday, February 16, 2008. Check out some of the pictures and video highlights here...

Thanks to Roadconetuning for taking some nice shots (making everyone else's pictures look sub-standard)!
Click to activate video controls
CTS-V on the dyno at Napalm Autosports!
While Alan may race "Thunderchicken" on the weekends, it doesn't mean he's stuck in a slow beater car to get him to and from work.  This certainly isn't your grandfather's Cadillac! How about a nice 2005 Caddy with 400 horsepower and a 6 speed, complete with DVD & Navigation? Cadillac has managed to get back into the performance market with the CTS-V, powered by a 5.7L LS6 V8 engine. More on this car here...

May 2008 Update: Alan puts the CTS-V on the Napalm Autosport Dynojet. Check out the video clip here...

FAST 90mm intake manifold is installed!
The mod bug strikes again, and this time the Goat got a FAST 90mm intake manifold (painted impulse blue metallic to match the car). The install on an LS2 requires a little bit of modification since the intake was originally designed for an LS1. As of the time of this picture, the fuel rail adapters were not yet installed. Dyno results and track times are forthcoming, as well as an install guide...

Tuning & track times for the new Pontiac G8!
This 4 door beast spends a little bit of time on the dyno and leaves the shop with some impressive numbers! Be sure to check out the numbers here as well as a couple videos!

**Update 12-7-08** The G8 gets another new best at the track!  8.45 @ 85.8 MPH on a 1.89 60'
Trophystock's 1990 Lingenfelter ZR1!
In case you didn't already know, Trophystock's Corvette collection also consists of this pristine 1990 Lingenfelter ZR1 Corvette! While you'll rarely see it at the track, it has been known to run 7.99 in the eighth mile on street tires. Check out some more pictures of this car here...

The Goat gets a set of AI cylinder heads!
Yep, time for the next round of mods! This time the Goat got a set of CNC ported 243 cylinder heads by Advanced Induction. Once again, the results were better than expected! Check out the dyno results here.

Also, pictures of the install process can be found here.

Thunderchicken says hello to the 10's!
Alan gets the racing bug again and decides to go all out in his quest for 10's! Congrats to Alan for reaching that goal at Alabama International Dragway (note to self: time to step it up a notch in the GTO now)! Be sure to check out the car specs here as well as the video!

Dave's stryker blue G8 GT gets some mods!
The mod bug strikes and Dave's stryker blue G8 GT gets a non-DoD cam, Yank SS3200 converter, Kook's LT headers, Vararam OTR CAI, and a Magnaflow catback exhaust. And with a JR Racing/ custom tune, it put down 434/400 on the dyno! More pics of this car can be seen here. now offers custom tuning!
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