Greer Dragway & Street Tire Shootout Official Rules

The street tire shootout is for today's high performance street cars. There is no limit on year model car but the rules are tailored for late model fuel injected daily driven cars. Any motor combination is allowed with any power adder with no restrictions. Any transmission is allowed along with any combination of clutch or torque converter. Any rear end ratio is allowed. Rear end may be upgraded as long as rear end is stock width.

Street radial tires only with a treadwear of 200 or higher. No road race, autocross, bias-ply, drag radials or recaps allowed. Chemically prepping of tires is strictly prohibited. Treadwear should be clearly visible on the side of the tire. It is the responsibility of the participant to know their treadwear rating and be able to show it to the tech inspector. Marking of tire in advance to show treadwear rating is highly encouraged. There is no restriction on rear tire size. No front skinny's allowed. Minimum front tire size is 215mm. If your car was originally equipped with a tire narrower than 215mm then you may run the narrower tire provided that all four tires are the same size. There is no restriction on wheel size in either diameter or width.

Cars must have full interior. Car may not be gutted nor have interior panels removed for any reason. Cars must be fully carpeted. Rear seat may be removed for roll bar clearance if the area is fully covered with carpet or upholstery. Interior panes may be trimmed or modified for roll bar clearance. Seats may be replaced with aftermarket units suitable for a daily driven car. Lightweight drag seats are not allowed.

Cars must have stock suspension. Stock suspension is considered to be stock, stock style, or stock replacement suspension pieces mounted in the stock location.  Aftermarket replacement parts are allowed in both front and rear as long as they are a direct bolt in and mount in the original locations and serve the same function as stock. Shocks may be upgraded as long as the original mounting location is retained. Shocks may be adjustable. "Slapper" bars are permitted on leaf springs cars only with a single mounting point. Caltrac bars or other lift bars with two mounting points are not allowed. Adjustable pinion snubbers and pinion shims are allowed. Antiroll bars may be upgraded or removed but antiroll bars not mounted in stock locations are not allowed. Moving springs from stock location is not allowed. Mini tubs are not allowed but "massaging" of inner fender or outer fender lip for tire clearance is allowed as long as modification does not drastically change the outward appearance of the car and is done in a neat and tidy fashion. Any modification of the frame rails to increase tire clearance is not allowed.

Cars must be currently registered and insured. Proof of registration and insurance card must be available for inspection. VIN numbers may be checked against registration. Expired plates, registrations, or insurance cards will not be accepted. Participants should have proof of both within easy access for tech inspectors. Dealer plates are not allowed.

Cars must be 2WD only. No four wheel drive or all-wheel drive allowed. Cars must be front wheel drive or rear wheel drive only.

No back to back winner. If you win an event you must sit out the following event. This applies to both driver and/or car. For example if you won event number 1 you and/or your car could not race in event number 2 and would have to wait till event number 3 before you could race again.
Cars must pass safety tech inspection.  There are no ET restrictions for cars running in the Street Tire Shootout, but all cars must adhere to the safety rules for the ET they are running. Please check with track officials if you have any questions as to what is required for your ET.

*If it is not listed as an allowable modification you may consider it illegal unless prior permission is asked for and approved before the day of the event.