Customer Testimonials:

"Hey man I know it's kind late and all but just finally got to sit down and check the e-mails. Just wanted to shoot ya an e-mail and say the car is running AMAZING! I love it man. You and Charles really know your stuff" -Corey, 99 Z28

"It truly is a completely different car. Thanks again for the detailed work.  I was truly impressed." -Bill, 06 Z06

"Man thanks so much for hooking my car up. Thing runs like a beast now and drives like stock. Express my thanks to Charles as well. I'm very happy with the car. You guys did an awesome job. A 2nd gear roll on is almost scary! Thanks again." -Travis, 01 Z06

"Thanks to Jeff and Charles for making the Tuning go pretty smooth, by the time I left them this evening the G8 was a whole other animal. Why anyone would go anywhere else for a tune is crazy." -Dave, 09 G8 GT

"I'm sure everyone really knows by now they are the guys to take your car to in the upstate. If anyone even thinks about taking it somewhere else then you are crazy."  -Brandon, 99 T/A

"I just wanted to say thanks again to Charles and Jeff. You guys seen the results from what they did with my car. The car drove better than it ever had since my cam swap. Well as you may know, I have a squeak/squeal that has been driving me crazy. I had replaced both Tensioners, Idlers, Alternator Bearings, and new belts all around. After all of this...I still had it. It bothered me to the point that I didn't even want to drive the car at times. Well Jeff told me I was welcome to bring it to his house, and that he and Charles would have a look at it. Charles took it home the next day, and called me about a day after that. He found the problem and fixed it. Turns out I was having issues with my PCV system. I would have never thought to look at that, and didn't know it could cause the issues I was having. While Charles had the car, he went ahead and installed my Column Lock Bypass mod. I went and picked it up this afternoon, and Charles had also made some minor changes in the tune to make sure that my PCV problem didn't negatively affect anything. I can't express how it felt driving home. Running 70mph on I-85 in 6th gear, it was smooth as a button at ~1500 rpm. I feel that the car runs smoother than it did even when it was stock. Anyway, you can't go wrong with these guys. Charles even called me when I got home to make sure that everything was still fine and if I was satisfied. They are really "stand-up" guys, and go above and beyond anything I have ever experienced. Thanks guys!!" -Todd, 99 C5

"I just wanted to thank Charles for taking care of the tuning issues on my Z06. He definitely is a nice guy and knows what the hell he is doing and talking about. Thanks again Charles I will be calling you when i start upgrading." -Josh, 02 Z06 supercharged

"First of all, I want to thank Charles and JRracing for today! These guys are awesome! Charles Tuned my car perfect. The driveablity is awesome and the power is there. My new numbers are 435 rwhp 416 ftlbs on the moter. on a 150 shot it made 560.70 rwhp and 667.58 ftlbs. Im very excited to hit the track and see what the ole Vette will do." -Bryan, 99 C5

"C.dub is a great guy and has helped me out more times than i can count. i would also like to add that you can tell someone truly knows what they are doing when they can explain all the intricate details of how things work to you. -and not miss a beat." -Jeremy, 93 Z28 LS1 swap

"Charles and Jeff are 2 of the best tuners around!" -Tim, 01 Z28

"Big thanks to Charles and Jeff. It actually picked up 29whp from the way it left (other shop) with NO added power mods. Def. happy with the results and will be going back once I get bigger injectors." -Kellen, 02 T/A

"Well as most know I got the new F.A.S.T 36 pound injectors in as one of my winter Mods. What some of you may not know is I decided to use Charles (trophystock) and Jeff (BoostedGTA) to tune my car. I as I'm sure most are was very impressed with the tuning I have seen these two have done on numerous cars locally. I dropped my car off in their capable hands Tuesday evening. Both Jeff and Charles were nice enough to call me everyday letting me know how the progress was going with the Tune, ( which I thought was very professional of them). Today I picked my car up and I have to hand it to these guys, THE CAR DRIVES BEAUTIFULLY.... NEVER BETTER. I never had a doubt and now I will never have a doubt of what they tune. So I give Charles and Jeff both a BIG THANK YOU." -Gary, 99 C5

"Went to jr racing this morning to get my car tuned after i installed the headers and catback. previous number stock was 286 hp and 313 ft/lbs torque. after it was all said and done ended up with 343.55 hp and 362.11 ft/lbs of torque. one of the other runs netted one more hp but one less ft/lb of torque. headers were from LPP and a magnaflow cat-back. I'm happy with numbers!" -Brandon, 02 WS6

"HP Tuners dyno tune for my C5, ended up with a nice improvement. The TM removal and throttle response improvement is nice, look at the TQ increase across the band is definitely noticeable."  -Chris, 04 C5

"Picked up 33 hp and 36 ft lbs over the baseline. Not bad for 169K miles and a sh!tty LS1 intake."  -Robbie, 98 Z28

"We took the C6 to get tuned today.. It has ARK Exhaust and Xpipe, and a K&N intake. The baseline was 332HP and 342TQ. After the tune it made 358HP and 362TQ. Everything went great, thanks guys!!"  -Benny, 05 C6

"Thank you. Yes, all is well. I am finally getting my new rotating assembly in for my LSX engine build next week. I have a machine shop scheduled to do the machining as well. Hopefully, in a month or two, I will have it in the car and ready for a new tune from you! You are the very best tuner I have ever met or even heard of. Thanks for what you did for me tuning my car last October." -Clif, C5 SC

"Charles and Jeff:
I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your tuning efforts on my car. As you know, I recently traveled to SC from Houston to have some other work done on my car and you two folks came highly recommended in the tuning area and now it's easy for me to see why. Your skills, professionalism (and patience) were much appreciated, not to mention the little "detail" of 22 extra hp and 10 lbft of torque. Additionally, your extra time spent getting some of my low speed drivability issues greatly improved has really been noticed as well." -Robert, 99 C5 427

"I have a 99 ls 1 tran am. Has a cam, 5.3 heads, and a few bolt ons. I made the mistake of allowing someone else tune it and the car just wouldn't run right or make any more power. I found Charles and within just a few minutes and a few keystrokes he had my baby running and idling, a true professional and very personable individual. Always willing to help the fellow enthusiast! Thanks again for the great tune and good running car I'm finally happy with it!  Best regards" -Chip, 99 TA