GTO at Shadyside Dragway with Russ commentating. This pass was made on 275/50/15 BFG Drag Radials which were not hooking... (Trophystock told me they wouldn't work)
This pass was at Greer Dragway against Johnnyrocket in his nitrous-fed GTO. I was trying out some 17" M/T ET Streets this time, still not hooking...
This is a clip of the idle with the Tiger Shark cam (idle speed is around 875)
Here's one from the archives! Racing Geoff Hart from News4, "Hartstopper Challenge"
GTO at Greer Dragway 2-16-08. 1st pass was from the in-car cam, then the last 2 passes were shot from the outside home
GTO at Shadyside Dragway 11-16-08, 7.28 @ 96 MPH